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Chapter 9: The Sexual Revolution

Healthy Heterosexuality is not the goal of modern Feminism. The Dark Ages Also known as the 1950’s (which are also known – to Conservatives – as “the good old days”). Actually, for a long time before that. A looong time. … Continue reading

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Chapter 8: The Obesity Epidemic

Who doesn’t know what that most Americans are fat? According to the CDC, one third of U.S. Adults are “overweight”, and another third are “obese.” But what is the cause? Conventional wisdom says it’s “overeating,” and we are advised to … Continue reading

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Chapter 7: The Score

We men have long used a 1-10 scale to rank women on their hotness / desirability. Women (and men) have lacked a comparable scale for men, because what women find attractive in men is a bit more complicated. Well, I … Continue reading

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Chapter 6: The Game

(This chapter’s a little short, but the links will keep you busy – but come back and finish my book!) There had been books that purported to teach men how to pick up girls. They had inventive names like… How … Continue reading

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Chapter 4: The Psychopath

“They are everyone, and they are no one.” – Morpheus The Matrix The term “psychopath” gets thrown around a lot these days, maybe you have even used it yourself. But what does the word really mean? Well, some great science … Continue reading

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