Chapter Zero:

Intro & Disclaimers


“The Truth will set you free…”

But first it’s gonna make you cry like a bitch.


Welcome to The Attraction Reaction, a mini-book I have put up on the web for free.

Who Am I?

I do not claim a multi-hundred notch-count; I have found that I quite enjoy dating. I have learned from both my mistakes and my successes, and from both the mistakes and successes of others.

Who This Book Is For

I am a man, and I wrote the book from a man’s point of view. It reads as a sort of “how-to” for a man. (Women might like it too, cuz, y’know, they’re interested in this stuff.) It would be ideal for noobs and “white-knighting doormats”, although even veterans of dating and/or pick-up may find some useful stuff (esp. Ch. 7: The Score).

What This Book Is

Although many others have done great work in this area (and I cite some of them throughout), The Attraction Reaction is a unique synthesis of established facts – and a few original ideas!

It also serves as an advocacy of healthy heterosexuality.

What This book Is Not

It is not a seduction book, not a pick up artist book, not Conservative, and not Liberal.

The Kudos

I have to give the guy who markets himself as “David DeAngelo” credit for the essential insight “Attraction is not a choice.” That was the beginning of my journey into understanding why women say they want a nice guy, then bone the asshole, then complain to the nice guy about what an asshole the guy who’s boning her is, to the eminent frustration of the guys who get LJBF’d (“Let’s Just Be Friends”). Thanks, dude.

Anybody interested in learning more from or about David can visit www.doubleyourdating.com/

Free As In Free Speech, Not Free Beer

If I steal your car, you don’t have your car anymore; however, if I put something on the web, and you download it, now we both have it. They are not the same kind of property, and even to use the word “property” is a bit misleading when referring to things digital. Furthermore, I have learned most of what I’ve learned for free – much of it on the web. So, I decided to put this up free of charge, to pay it forward.

It is copyright, so nobody else is free to make money from my work.

Donations Gratefully Accepted

If you find that this book helps make your life better, will you consider a small donation? Whatever you can easily afford. Thanks.


#1: You are responsible for what you do, and I am not.

#2: The people I cite as sources, or link to their websites, do not necessarily agree with anything I say. Some of them may vehemently disagree. Such is life.

#3: I do not necessarily agree with everything that the people I link to, or otherwise reference, say.

#4: When I say “The Man” or “The Woman” or “men” or “women” or “guys” or “girls”, I am saying something that’s true about most men or most women. So don’t be posting all sorts of comments saying “I’m not like that” or “I know tons of people who aren’t like that.”

Most” means, literally, more than half. In many cases, it may even be the vast majority. I am not going to clutter up the book constantly re-iterating that it’s not necessarily true of every single man or woman.

Of course, some people will protest that even saying it’s true of most is “normative.” Yes, it is. Humans are social animals, and we – paradoxically, to some – have to learn natural gender roles. A nation of feral boys and girls isn’t working out too fucking well.


One Response to About

  1. Flavia says:

    I look forward to reading this book. We curmudgeons need to stick together.

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