Chapter 9: The Sexual Revolution

Healthy Heterosexuality is not the goal of modern Feminism.

The Dark Ages

Also known as the 1950’s (which are also known – to Conservatives – as “the good old days”). Actually, for a long time before that. A looong time. You pretty much have to go back to before Monotheism to find a time when human sexuality was not repressed. (Read Joseph Campbell’s accounts of the pagan sex cults; whew, our ancestors did a lotta humpin’! But I digress…)

The Pill

The birth control pill (so impactful it is known simply as “The Pill”, despite the millions of types of pills in our society) was approved for married women in some states in 1960; every year after that, the number of women who could get it – both legally and illegally – increased every year until every adult and most teens get could get on it by the early seventies. This absolutely caused the Sexual Revolution, the way that it actually happened, when it actually happened (despite the protestations of some). Yes, there were psycho-social changes happening already, and something would have happened, but The Pill had a huge effect on America and the world.

(The Pill has been reformulated a few times since, and today is very safe and very effective – if taken as prescribed – for women ages 18 – 30.)

[Note: The Pill does increase the copper level in the body; therefore, any woman on The Pill should strictly avoid the high-copper foods (basically, oysters and liver) and do not take any amount of supplemental copper. Also, get at least one gram (1,000 mg) of Vitamin C and at least 15 mg of zinc per day. A B-complex would probably be a good idea.]

Women – and men – were now free to enjoy seks (even hundreds of times) with a few partners before marriage, with very low risk of pregnancy. This unleashed a torrent of sexual energy that had been pent up for thousands of years. We are still trying to recover. The chaos is seen as an opportunity by those who would hijack it.

The Puritans

The Puritans had never been supportive of healthy heterosexuality; they had always viewed human sexuality as a wild, almost sinister, force – something to be controlled at all costs. The Sexual Revolution (aka “Hey, everybody, free pussy!”) was intensely in conflict with the Puritanical worldview, which necessarily included a scarcity mentality. The Puritanical women felt violated by this development.

The First Wave

The first wave of Feminism had been about getting women to be recognized and treated as fully human in everyday life and under the law. This was good; I, as most people today, accept that as a legitimate goal. (As most young women today accept, it has largely been achieved.)

The Second Wave

In reaction to the free pussy… er, I mean, the Sexual Revolution, the Puritanical women stepped up their attack by calling themselves Feminists for the first time. This opened the door to…

The Lesbians

Lesbians hate when any woman does anything to please any man. Some of the Puritan women calling themselves Feminists for the first time gave the lesbians an opportunity, and they joined forces against their common enemy: the recently unleashed, raw, natural and good human sexual energy. Together, they hijacked Feminism and since 1965 it has been a vicious and deliberate assault on heterosexuality; what Feminism used to be – women’s rights – served (and continues to serve) as a convenient cover.

The Techniques of Psychological Warfare

Modern Feminism utilizes several techniques of psychological warfare. We can group them into two main categories: “word games”, and “denying science.”

Word Games:

Ex. 1) Using the word “sexism” to refer to what is actually heterosexuality, or “sexist” to refer to what is a man being heterosexual.

Ex. 2) Using the word “rape” to refer to both actual rape, and healthy heterosexual sex. Rape is wrong, and should be punished (and not just with a “slap on the wrist.”) However, let’s be clear about what rape is.  A woman wanting a man, getting drunk (because she knows it will lower her inhibitions), having sex with him, then feeling bad about it later because he didn’t call or text is not rape.

Ex. 3) Words like “hetero-normative” and “cis-gender” are weapons of psychological warfare. Heterosexuality is natural and good and should be approved and promoted by society.

Denying Science:

The different chromosomes – XX and XY – produce very different hormones from in utero on throughout the rest of life, and this affects the structure and wiring of the developing brain (see Ch. 1: The Man, and Ch. 2: The Woman). Feminism has long denied all this, insisting that “culture” is all (again using word games, calling gender roles “traditional” to avoid acknowledging the basis in biology).

Hetero” is from the Greek meaning “different.” Yes, men and women are different. It is nature and nurture; humans, having consciousness and being social animals, must be taught the gender roles that are natural. There is no contradiction there, and it does not mean you are free to teach boys to be girls or vice versa. Teaching boys to be boyish and girls to be girly is meeting their needs. Should an individual that shows a preference for the “other” way of being be punished or abused? Of course not! But what’s best for the vast majority of boys is to embrace the man’s role, and what’s best for the vast majority of girls is to embrace the woman’s role. This is not “sexist”, and it is not “oppression.”

The Gender Bending

Feminism has been trying to get women to reject the female role and embrace the male role for over 40 years now. The results have been disastrous (for men, for women, and for society). Corporate America loved the huge influx of job-seekers, of course; it drove down wages (hidden with inflation), thereby putting the employers in a more privileged position.

Feminism also teaches women (and men) that men should value them for being sarcastic, opinionated, and for their accomplishments. No, men are not women. Those are manly qualities, and we don’t have the attraction reaction to them, nor should we.

The Feminist Mistake and The Biological Clock

In 1963, Betty Friedan released her book The Feminine Mystique. Friedan had been an activist for many years by that point; she was also a woman “of privilege”, living in a large house with several servants. That’s how she was able to “have it all”: being a wife, a mother, and having a career. The vast majority of women are not in that financial position. The only way they could “have it all” would be to enslave someone.

So, since most women have to choose one or the other at a time, Feminism teaches them to put off marriage and children in favor of pursuing a career (mocking women who don’t as pursuing an “MRS” degree). This is not what’s best for most women – or their children – because the 20’s are the biologically best time to be getting pregnant and giving birth. Most women’s fertility starts to decrease after age 30, and decreases every year after that; if you spend all your 20’s going to college and then establishing your career, you are acting like a man. It’s OK for men to do that – we don’t get pregnant.

For Jennifer Aniston to say at age 40 she still wants to have kids “someday” was C-R-A-Z-Y.

Sex-Positive Feminism

Just some promiscuous women who want all the benefits of being promiscuous and all the benefits of not being promiscuous, without the costs of either.

Well, I’d like to build a time machine so I could have sex with Katy Perry before she did it with that skizzbag Russell Brand… buuut it’s probably not going to happen. Too bad, so sad.

The Patriarchy… NOT!

You thought we were done with the techniques of psychological warfare – but wait, there’s more!

Feminism points to examples of individual psychopaths abusing women, says “See! The Patriarchy”, and uses that as an excuse to reject heterosexuality. (see Ch. 4: The Psychopath.)

Oh, The Irony

Ironically enough, Feminism is itself psychopathic. Just as the psychopath feels entitled to all the benefits of being a good person without having to actually be one, so Feminism teaches women that they are entitled to all the benefits of heterosexuality without having to do anything to get them. Can you resist the psychopathic training, my fellow humans?

Oh, The Humanity!

Should all humans – White, Black, and Asian; rich and poor; men, women, and children – be treated as fully human [Note: not as “the same”] in everyday life and under the law? Well, there’s already a word for that. It’s called… Humanism.

The Fish Needs A Bicycle

The Man gives The Woman what she values most, which is his love; the woman gives the man what he values most, her power. If The Man gives his love for any amount of time, and then at some point stops giving it, then she should “stop giving away her power.” If The Man gives her his love before she gives him her power, she will not be able to feel respect for him, and then she will not be able to feel attraction for him.

If The Woman gives The Man both her power and her love – hey, that’s great. But if she gives her love but not her power, that relationship is doomed.

But Feminism drops all of this context, and tells women “Stop giving away your power”, as an absolute. This makes it an attack on healthy heterosexuality.

The Number

There are some who want you to believe that your total number of lifetime sex partners is “just a number”, and doesn’t matter. Oh, yes, it does.

A woman who has a large number – especially at a young age – will be considered by most men as less likely to remain faithful if he marries her (he will be unconfident about paternity, among other things). Most men will consider a woman who has been fucked by more than 10 guys a slut. You may not consider this fair, but you don’t get to choose that for men. A woman who had her fun when she was younger and is now ready to settle down – the whole “reformed slut” thing – is really not flying with an increasing number of men these days. Young women who do not yet have a high number need to be told that every increase in her number shrinks the pool of good men willing to marry her.

There is also a hormonal issue involved. Each time The Woman makes the oxytocin bond, and then breaks it, her ability to bond again weakens just a little (men are also affected by this, but not quite to the same degree). On the other hand, if you only have sex with one person your entire life, that’s an aspect of self that you do not grow. Life is risky, and real adult relationships are (emotionally) risky; wanting only successes is… well, childish.

So, what is the ideal number of lifetime sex partners for most people? Considering all of the above, something more than one, but less than 10.

So, to Review…

Human Rights for Women = Good.

The Sexual Revolution = Good.

Feminism = Evil.

See the difference?

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5 Responses to Chapter 9: The Sexual Revolution

  1. modernn says:

    Excellent post, some thoughts:

    You should say the woman gives up her power instead of gives her power, at least if I understand you correctly.

    As to wanting only successes being childish. An adult always wants success also, he just knows that you can’t always expect it.

    I think that there is a good case for ‘growing’ through relationships and sex, but the most important thing is to always go into them with the best possible intentions, including an earnest hope of success. Casual sex does not make you grow, neither do relationships of convenience. If you want to improve in anything you have to make a serious attempt. So having multiple partners before marriage can be acceptable, but only if there were good reasons.

  2. SAF South Asian Female says:

    “The birth control pill (so impactful it is known simply as “The Pill”, despite the millions of types of pills in our society) was approved for married women in some states in 1960; every year after that, the number of women who could get it – both legally and illegally – increased every year until every adult and most teens get could get on it by the early seventies. This absolutely caused the Sexual Revolution”

    In South Asia 1 pill is available over the counter at any pharmacist for a mere 3 ruppees, sometimes less.

    Yet we’ve yet to experience a sexual revolution.

    Many unmarried and very young girls as well as women use it to delay their periods so that they can partake in religious festivals.

    The majority of the women who use it for birth control are married as dating is not an acceptable norm in South Asian culture – forget “hooking up”.

    So no, the pill does not equal sexual revolution.

  3. SAF says:

    In South Asia 1 pill is available over the counter for a mere 3 ruppees or less.

    Yet we’ve never had a sexual revolution, not even now.

    Forget hooking up, even dating is not allowed by most parents in our culture. We have arranged marriages.

    Many very young and sheltered religious girls and their moms use the pill to delay their periods so that they can take part in religious festivals.

    The women who use it as birth control are majority married.

    So no, the pill does not equal Sexual Revolution.

    – SAF
    South Asian Female

  4. SAF says:

    “Feminism also teaches women (and men) that men should value them for being sarcastic, opinionated, and for their accomplishments. No, men are not women. Those are manly qualities”

    Wrong. Having opinions, being sarcastic and accomplishing goals are HUMAN qualities.

  5. says:

    Thanks for that post !

    I just wanted to ask a question, could be a little off topic..

    What are the dominant sexual values of European Americans in the colonial era? What was considered as Deviance?

    As for my second question, would pre-marital sex be one? or are we looking something more towards anal sex?

    Ps. That read was entertaining lol

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